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Update the look of you home by removing the popcorn texture of your ceilings!


When it comes to hiring a company to remove the popcorn of your ceiling, you need to go for one that will give you professional results. Popcorn ceiling removal is a labor intensive job that can be messy and even damage your home if not done properly, this is why you need an interior painting company that offers high quality service with an impeccable finish.


B Quality Painting interior house painting services provide an efficient and a seamless popcorn ceiling removal service that will give your home a new and attractive look while also improving the aesthetic value of your property.

popcorn ceiling removal

We Create Lasting Impressions

Here at B Quality Painting, we understand that first impressions matter a lot since they are lasting impressions. Our goal is to thrill our clients with our work making their homes beautiful for years to come .

Our team of highly skilled and professional painters is fully adept at enhancing homes and providing our clients with dependable and convenient popcorn removal services.

We understand how important the appearance of your home is to you, that’s why B Quality Painting focuses on delivering the highest level of expertise and professionalism to every interior painting project.


New To B Quality Painting?

Don’t worry! Here’s what you should expect from our interior painting services:


Items will be removed from the room before we commence the popcorn ceiling removal process. You’ll also need to remove all precious items from the room before we begin.


We will  cover all flooring  with paper and  plastic sheeting for extra protection. We will Cover the air vents from the room to avoid dust going to the rest of the home and will seal all entries to the rooms with plastic. Any item remaining in the room will be cover wit plastic.


Ceilings will be sprayed with water to allow popcorn texture to be removed easily and minimize dust. All ceilings will be completely sanded and patch as needed to get rid of possible imperfections. Caulk will be applied to fill the cracks and seams.


Once the popcorn has been completely removed from the ceilings, we proceed to prime and apply  paint on the  for and outstanding finish.


At this stage, we will ensure that all areas are clean and that you are fully satisfied with the results.

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If you’re interested in making use of our interior house painting services to bring your project or idea to life, get in touch with us today to discuss your unique needs and to schedule your cost-free estimate.

B Quality Painting can help you with your home improvement needs. Book your FREE estimate to discuss your project with us.
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