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Painting the Brick of your House

Updated: Jan 21

Do you feel your traditional brick home needs a complete home exterior makeover? Let me tell you, you are not alone.

Painting the exterior brick can been an east and inexpensive way to quickly renew, refresh and transform the exterior of your home.

There are plenty of choices when selecting exterior paint colors. You can transform a red, orange brick home with a dark color like gray to create drama, or use a classic white for a crisp, clean, modern farmhouse look.

Your painting contractor should be able to help you decide you with the color or colors since you can also make brick and trim combinations to create a contrast and pop your home exterior features. Your paint contractor should be able to make your home transformation as smooth and easy as possible.

When deciding to paint your home brick you must be 100% certain of the colors you are choosing, once completed, it’s nearly impossible to reverse. If you try to take it off, it will be costly. If you have doubts ask your painting contractor to test some samples for you.

To get a visual of what your home would look like with a new coat of paint, you can use Sherwin-Williams’ Color Snap Visualizer make sure you will love the look of your home.

White house with black trim are very popular in the Memphis Area. Have you painting contractor show you some of their before and after pictures to give you some inspirations.

You can check our Pinterest board to get some ideas for your house brick painting project.

Although it is possible to paint a home yourself, it may not be worth the investment in tools and supplies — or the risk of climbing a ladder and stretching from it to reach all your bricks.

A good professional painter will know how to properly prep the brick for painting. Without this important step, not only could your brick could end up looking bad, the paint job could actually be extremely detrimental to the integrity of your home.

Ready to start your home exterior transformation?

Contact your local painting contractor today to get a FREE consultation.

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