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Things to consider when hiring a professional painter

Updated: Nov 12, 2019

There are many painting services in the memphis market and price ranges can vary significantly from one painting company to another, when you have multiple options sometimes is hard to select which company will deliver the best painting job at the most reasonable price.

When selecting a painting company there are multiple things you should consider in order to feel confident that your biggest investment, "your home and you wallet", will be well taken care of.

It is recommended to get at least three quotes to compare. When you hire a professional painter, there are a few standard things to expect. Here’s a list of some of the basics:

Review Websites

Now a days most of reputable business have a websites and even more to the customer advantages there are plenty of customers adding reviews online, besides any recommendations you might have gotten from friends or neighbors it is always good to check the company web site and reviews that have been posted also check how recent the reviews are.


Once you decide to call the company you should consider how responsive they are, normally the company will schedule time to visit your home to perform an estimate. Pay attention to how timely they are or if they communicate in case they are running late, this will show you how committed and responsible the company is.


Professional painters do not guess how much they are going to charge you to paint a room, normally they will ask to walk through the property and measure the walls to ensure the estimate is accurate. Professional painters will also ask a lot of questions when performing the estimate, and most likely take pictures and notes.

Colors and finishes

Not all the painters are color experts but based on experience they have knowledge on color trends and color combinations. Professional painters have a great knowledge on the quality of the paint and most of the time if you do not have a brand of preference they will guide you on the type of paint and finish that will provide the best results based on previous paint added to the surface or type of surface that needs to be painted.


A professional painters should have insurance.This will help you feel secure about hiring this company, as it adds a layer of protection for both yourself and them in case of an accident. 

Quote Presentation

Professional painters should provide you with a written detail quote. Quote should note all the details that the job entitle in addition with the type of materials that will be used to compete the project.


A Professional painter will maintain your property clean. Painting can be a very messy job, however professional painters should prep the area properly to ensure that your assets are protected. In addition to this they will clean the area as they complete the project. A professional painter should be able to let you know up front how they are planning to complete the job to ensure your property is well protected.

Make sure you ask a lot of questions when hiring a professional painter, remember they are applying for a job you should be able to interview them and get to know them to ensure they are qualified to provide you the results your home deserves.

If you are interested in a estimate give us a call or book your estimate online. We have over 15 years of painting experience. Over the years we have painted homes all over the Greater Memphis Area. If you are looking for a painter that you can trust near you, we are the painters to call.


Alberto Balbiani

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