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Why should you paint your home exterior before winter.

There are many reason why you should consider painting your home exterior before the winter season. Many people might think painting your home it is just for better look and even though it does give an amazing look to the exterior of the home, the main reason to apply a fresh coat of paint every 5 to 8 years is to protect the surfaces from weather damages.

A new exterior paint job before winter will protect your home from excess moisture brought on by winter precipitation. If you don’t paint your home, winter weather can decrease the lifespan of your exterior surfaces. Your siding, trim, doors, and other exterior areas will become fully exposed to the elements, causing unnecessary damage that could otherwise be prevented with a coat of paint.

Another good reason is to keep terminates and pests away, caulking and paint will seal the cracks that allows pests to enter into your home. Last day of Summer 2019 is September 23 and before you realize fall and winter will be here. This is the time to ensure your home is protected to resist damages from weather and to give an update look to your home for the Holliday season to come. Call us today for a FREE consultation. We are the local painter near you, providing painting services to the entire Memphis area. Family own an operated we are the professional painters that you can trust.


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