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Essential Home Projects

During times of uncertainty home owners tend to put home projects on hold, however it is wise to know that some projects can become more expensive if put on hold for too. Exterior painting can be an essential home project depending on the condition of the home.

Keep in mind it is not a good idea to put off exterior painting. Waiting too long can cause more damages to the property which at the end could end up making the job more expensive. Damaged paint or exposed patches are a signal that you should paint to protect your home.

Exterior painting can be seen as an aesthetic change to improve a home curb appeal, but in reality exterior painting is an important part of home maintenance that must be done every 5 to 8 years is to protect the surfaces from weather damages.

Depending on the home structural conditions and the current damages to surfaces holding on exterior painting might become a higher future expense. Siding, trim, doors, and other exterior areas will become fully exposed to the elements, causing unnecessary damage that could otherwise be prevented with a coat of paint.

Look for signs of damage in your siding, such as holes, wood rot, or warping. Warped siding can be an early sign of future water damage problem. This warping can usually be seen from the ground and should be looked at before long. Avoiding a repair may lead to cracking of the siding, and intrusion of water into the structure. Once the water gets behind the siding, it is much more likely to damage the framing and interior of the home.

The winter weather can do severe damage to the exterior of your home. Most people don’t understand the wear and tear that rain, fog, sunshine, and temperature changes can bring on your exterior. The constant battering of the elements can slowly eat into the exterior of your home. The weather eats its way through your existing paint and finds its way into your siding and trim pieces.

B Quality Painting can help you identify the damages and work with you on the necessary repairs to ensure you home is protected and your money is saved.



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