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Give Your Kitchen a Fresh New Look

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

There are several ways to transform your kitchen, but one of the easiest, more inexpensive ways to do it is by painting your cabinets. Paint can work wonders on everything and kitchen cabinets are not the exception. #cabinets #paintedcabinets #kitchen #transformation

There are multiple options when it comes to cabinet colors, one of the most popular are the white cabinets. If your kitchen feels small, using white tones will make your kitchen appear more spacious.

Another option is to use contrasting colors, selecting a color for the top of your cabinets and a different color for the bottom is a great way to give some character to your kitchen. White cabinets on top and a tone of grey for the bottom is always a great combination, a dark tone of blue will also help you create a warm statement.

If you are feeling more traditional a light cream color will suit you, giving a cozy feeling to your kitchen, light cream colors work great with dark counter tops, you can always add a little more personality to your kitchen with a decorative back splash.

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