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When it comes to interior paint color, there are hundreds of colors to chose from. With so many choices this task can be stressful and overwhelming. Most of our clients face this problem, the good news is we can help!

The best way to start is finding a focal point of inspiration that you will be including in your decoration. It can be anything from artwork, rugs, sofas, drapery or fabrics. Look at the features that are already in your room that are consider permanent, like floor, cabinets, tiles or any pice of large furniture.

Once you have find your inspiration it is time to get the color wheel, we can provide you with color wheels from Sherwin Williams or Benjamin Moore. If you are not sure how to find the color on the wheel don't worry, we have the latest technology to find the matching color to any piece of inspiration you have selected.

Finally, look at the lighting in your room to select the right color shade. If a room gets little natural light you might want to lighten up the room and paint it with a lighter cool color. If the room gets a lot of sun and you want to make the room more serene, consider painting it a deeper reacher color.

Remember there are not wrong or right colors, when it comes to your space you need to find colors that will make you showcase your home. Inspiration is personal to each in our homes.



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