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How to Paint a Front Door

Updated: Oct 2, 2019

Want to give your house a different look and show a little of your personality, a great way to do it is through your front door! #frontdoor #paintedfrontdoor #colors #exteriorpainting

Up to the challenge? you will be amazed with the results, if you need help you can always call us!

Materials and Tools you will need:

- Sand Paper (you can use 120 grit)

- Painters Tape.

- Paint Brush.

- Paint of your choice. If the door is already painted we recommend to check if the existing paint is oil based or latex.

The Process

1- Take the hardware - knobs, locks, knocker, etc - off the door, if you do not want to remove them you can also cover them with painters tape.

2- Remove the weather strip

3- Prep the door by sanding from top to bottom.

4- Clean the door thoroughly with a rag to ensure there is not dust remaining on the surface.

5- If door has never been painted you will need to prime first with exterior primer. Apply one coat of prime to the door. Make sure door is slightly open to get to the edges.

6- If door has been painted before, there is no need to prime just make sure to identify the type of paint you need to use. (oil or latex)

7- Proceed painting the door, you might need two coats of paint to get a full coverage.

If you want Profesional Results, call B Quality Painting for a free consultation.

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